Welcome to Stinky Beasties: Nature's Pet Products! Here you will find everything you and your stinky beastie need to keep them clean, cared-for and fresh smelling…no matter what they’ve rolled in! 


At Stinky Beasties, our mission is to ensure your pet’s skin and coats are well-cared for with the best ingredients nature can provide. We develop products that not only ensure a clean and fresh-smelling pet, but will improve the overall health and condition of their skin and coat. We will never cut corners when it comes to our ingredients; that’s our promise to you and your beastie. Only the best and kindest will do! 


All the products at Stinky Beasties are handmade and packed full of natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. There is absolutely no palm oil, SLS, artificial fragrances, colours, or harsh preservatives- just 100% of nature's own amazing ingredients and benefits. 


 At Stinky Beasties, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to do our part in caring for our pets, our world, and our future. We strive in making our packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible, including biodegradable, recyclable, and/or reusable options. Recognising that eco-friendly packaging is a market that is constantly developing and expanding with newer, greener options, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on ways to continually reduce waste and improve our commitment to sustainable packaging and an environmentally-friendly future. 


Thank you for supporting Stinky Beasties and the future of our pets and environment!