Gauntlets - Drying Mitts


A pair of Dogrobes' red dog drying mitts are the perfect solution to wet, muddy paws and legs. No more muddy paw prints!

Save time and effort cleaning up after wet pets by adding Dogrobes’ red Gauntlets to your essential dog drying kit.

Dogrobes’ range of products offer the effortless way to dry your dog and the dog drying mitts are perfect for wiping down muddy legs and paws.

They are also ideal for drying your dog's wet, muddy legs and paws, so that there's no muddy paw prints dotted all over the newly cleaned floor!

Simply grab your drying mitts and dry your dog's legs and paws, before you go into the house or into the car for the journey home.

TOP TIP: Dogrobes’ Red Gauntlets are loved by equestrians too who use them to wipe down the legs of their horses and ponies!

Why They Work

The super-absorbent dog drying Gauntlets soak up moisture and wipe away mud.

On the Dogrobes and Snood, Dogrobes placed the longer loops of our fabric inside, against the dog’s body. On the Gauntlets, the longer loops of the fabric are on the outside. It’s these longer loops on our innovative fabric, that soak up moisture on contact.

Gauntlets are designed to make it quick and simple to dry your dog’s wet, muddy legs and paws. Their neatly shaped design makes it easy to target those key areas.

Elastic at the wrist means our drying gloves will stay in place to keep your hands warm and dry. Then they widen out above the wrist to fit over bulky jackets. Perfect for a quick rub down before heading home in the car.

Just like a pair of gloves, Gauntlets look like a piece of clothing and that helps to reduce anxiety, if your pup is nervous of towels.

For a quick rub down or targeting legs and paws specifically, Gauntlets are an essential part of your dog drying kit. What’s more, they save your home and car from having dirty paw prints everywhere.

One size fits all