Ruff Away


Our amazing moisturizing paw boots - perfect for when deep moisturizing and healing are needed. Works in the same way as moisturizing gloves for us humans.

Ruff Away contains ingredients that will penetrate deep into the pad, healing and promoting skin regrowth and accelerating skin healing from the inside out. 

Ruff Away comes as a "build your pack", allowing you the freedom to get exactly what you want.


To start the kit off - The Ruff Away oil comes in a convenient and eco-friendly 250ml pouch. 


You get a pair of socks which include an inner liner and an outer "glove" which is secured with a velcro strap. The Ruff Away oil can be applied directly to the inner liner to allow for additional absorption and moisturizing benefits for the paw pad. The outer "glove" layer provides added comfort and protection for your dog's paw and has a waterproof lining to prevent transfer of the oil to other surfaces such as bedding, furniture, or flooring

Sock Size

Sock sizing is approximate. If you don't think the sizing stated will fit your dog, please get in touch. Special sizes can be made to suit.

(XL) 4.5" X 7.75" , (L) 3.75" X 7", (M) 3" X 5.75" , (S) 2.5" X 4.75"

Storage and applicator

Our Ruff Away kit included an amber jar with a brush applicator. Amber-coloured glass is advised for the storage of oils to reduce the degradation and quality of the product due to light exposure.