Neem Salve (formally - Bug Off)


Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and livestock. 

Neem oil, in conjunction with our blend of essential oils, is renown for its amazing insect-repellent abilities, including ticks and midges.

Additional benefits include:

  • Alleviates minor skin conditions, including dry skin
  • Encourages hair regrowth where hair / fur has been rubbed off by a rug and/or irritated by sweet itch
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

And since it comes in a handy rub-on bar, it's great for those who don't like to be sprayed.

Store away from direct heat or sunlight. If the bar becomes soft, place it in a cool area until it rehardens.



Neem oil, Coconut and Rapeseed wax, Shea butter, Geranium essential oil