Charcoal Shampoo Bar


If your dog is a smelly fox poop lover then this is the must have shampoo bar!

Our charcoal shampoos contain activated charcoal to help absorb toxins, bacteria and all those nasty smells from your dog's coat - no matter what they've decided to roll in.

Charcoal is also great for helping to relieve itchy skin, removes impurities, brightens both white and colored coats. So even if they don't love to roll much or even at all, if your dog suffers from skin irritations, seasonal allergies. This bar could help alleviate those symptoms.

As with all our shampoo bars, they are packed with nourishing butters and oils to help replenish the oils back into your dog's coat and skin, rather than stipping them like standard conventional shampoos. Making it particularly useful for regular washing.

None of our products are overly scented, this is to ensure they are not too overpowering for the dog's sensitive noses. But don’t worry there's still more than enough for it to do its job.

All our shampoo bars now come in a handy, convenient tin. Perfect for storage.