Water Bottle


The Ultimate Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle - a bottle that Releases Water as Your Dog Licks!

The stainless steel Dog Water Bottle is the ideal bottle for carrying water for your dogs, while out on your walks. Your dogs can drink straight from the bottle, and most dogs take to it straight away.

Simply open the cap, tilt it so it faces straight down (taking care not to drip water onto your dog's nose), and let your dog lick away. As your pup licks the top of the Dog Water Bottle, the bottle releases a small flow of water. The bottle releases just enough water for one sip at a time, so there's less waste. You only need to carry one bottle for your dog - no need for a bowl and none of the leaky plastic water bottles.
The bottle is perfect for the outdoors, walks, camping trips, pet shows, and exercise days. They are also great if you are on a bicycle (or even on a horse) - you can give your dog water without having to hop off. The Pet Water Bottles are available in three sizes and in a range of colours and designs.